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WLM points you to 1000's of museums around the US (and eventually the rest of the world),
but what about for every day -- sure you can buy an art poster here or there, and have a shelf full of museum exhibit catalogs (ok so a dozen shelves) -- what then ?

Well you can sign on to, pick the pictures you really like (there are now over 10,000 of them and more added everyday) - and beam them to any display you have.

Do these steps:

  1. Got to - register a new account - verify by clicking on the the email send to you.
  2. Login to with your new account.
  3. Use the 'Pick images' menu to select a type of images, for each artist you want to see images, check the box next to their name and press Update.
    To see the images for an artist, press images, they open in a new window.
  4. Pick one (or more) software or device you want to display those images on, install or setup and determine what information it needs to get the images, this will be a URL of some format.
  5. Use the 'Displaying' menu to get the correct formatted URL, and put it in the option page for the display.
    This is usually a 'media RSS' URL -- something like:
    .... Give the display software/device some time to collect the images.
  6. Sit back and enjoy famous masterpieces at your own home.

Software and devices you can use:

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